A Taste For Reinvention

A taste for reinvention

The never-ending pursuit of fresh inspiration led Brizo® to Michael Voltaggio. The award-winning chef and restaurateur is known for pushing the boundaries of what’s expected in the kitchen—making him an ideal collaborator.

Like Brizo, Michael never settles. He became a household name after winning season 6 of Bravo’s Top Chef. His modernist techniques impressed judges and audiences alike, setting him apart from the competition. Since then, he has continued breaking new ground at two LA restaurants as well as the Maryland-based Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse and the upcoming Miami-based Monger, both of which he runs with his brother Chef Bryan Voltaggio.

Michael’s philosophy is one of perpetual innovation. As tastes evolve and palates change, so do his restaurants. “The culinary world never stands still,” he says. “Today’s diners pay attention to trends. You’ve got to be in tune with those influences, while at the same time resisting fads and clichés. Staying relevant isn’t about doing what everybody else is doing. It’s about observing what’s happening right now, then crafting a dish that truly bears your signature.”

This pioneering mindset extends beyond the culinary realm and into interior design. “My design aesthetic is constantly moving forward,” he says. “Just like in the restaurant world, tastes are ever-changing.” His Los Angeles home reflects his progressive style, from the sophisticated color palette to the Solna® Articulating Faucet in his kitchen.

“The way I approach design is very similar to the way I approach cooking. Start with something that inspires you, then put your own spin on it.”

Michael Voltaggio
Behind the scenes
With Michael Voltaggio

An exclusive look at our photoshoot with the award-winning chef and restaurateur.

Recently, Michael transformed Ink., his flagship LA restaurant of six years into a new restaurant concept: Ink.well. He designed the new space himself—selecting each piece, crafting the aesthetic and even painting the walls. “The first thing diners judge when they walk into a restaurant is the space itself,” Michael says. “I wanted people to feel transformed as they entered.”

Michael draws a parallel between interior design and his work as a chef. “Both design and cooking require a lot of research and inspiration,” he says. “The amount of time you spend figuring out your path is equally as important—if not more so—as the time you spend getting to your destination.”
The same spirit of creativity and invention guides Brizo. It drives us to develop culinary innovations, such as our award-winning Articulating Kitchen Faucets, and to craft each new collection with care and precision. As we continue to lead through thoughtful design, we look forward to working with Michael—allowing mutual inspiration to spur even more progress.