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Brilliance® Finishes

Sustained beauty.


Brilliance® finishes are designed to maintain a pristine look for life—with no corroding, tarnishing or discoloration. This is achieved through a process known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), where molecules are embedded deep into the faucet’s surface to create a virtually indestructible bond. This creates a finish that resists abrasions and discoloration better than traditional special finishes and, in many cases, better than chrome.
Tested with over 100 household cleaners, the abrasion resistance of the Brilliance® finish can even withstand repeated scouring with steel wool. A Brilliance® finish is guaranteed not to corrode, tarnish or discolor for the life of the faucet. It can even withstand prolonged exposure to harsh coastal environments.

Brilliance Bath Finishes:
PN_Finish_50x50.jpg  Brilliance Polished Nickel (PN)
BZ_Finish_50x50.jpg  Brilliance Brushed Bronze (BZ)
GL_Finish_50x50.jpg  Brilliance Luxe Gold (GL)
NK_Finish_50x50.jpg  Brilliance Luxe Nickel (NK)
BN_Finish_50x50.jpg  Brilliance Brushed Nickel (BN)

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