Pressure Balance

Pressure Balance Custom Showers

A Pressure Balance shower elevates simplicity above all else. A single handle turns the water on and off while delivering the desired temperature.


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System Functionality

The Pressure Balance shower compensates dynamically for changes in water pressure to maintain a consistent temperature within ± 3.6° F (±2° C)—even when the system pressure varies, using a single-function cartridge.

A Pressure Balance shower system can be used for a tub/shower design or a shower only design with or without a diverter. For a streamlined look, use an integrated valve and diverter trim.

System Specifications

  • Requires ½” supply lines (inlet/outlet)
  • Requires installation using MultiChoice® Universal Rough or MultiChoice® Universal Integrated Shower and Diverter Rough
  • Red and Blue temperature indication
  • Field adjustable to limit handle rotation into hot water zone
  • Optional extension kit available
  • Max Flow Rate 6.3 gpm @ 60 psi,23.9 L/min @ 414 kPa

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