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Similar to the Energy Star® program, the EPA has introduced the WaterSense® program to raise awareness about the importance of water efficiency and ensure the performance of water-efficient products.

WaterSense currently specifies labeling of high-efficiency toilets for residential use that perform better than the industry standard (1.3 gallons per flush [gpf] or less vs. 1.6 gpf), as well as water-conserving bath faucets that flow at a rate of 1.5 gpm or less at 60 psi. WaterSense also specifies a minimum performance level (0.8 gpm at 20 psi) for lavatory faucets to assure consumers the products will perform well. The bath faucet specification applies to both residential lavatories and private lavatories in commercial properties (e.g., hotel room bath faucets).

A consumer-oriented program, the WaterSense program provides valuable information for consumers and businesses about ways to save water. The product labeling program makes it easy for home and business owners to ensure they are purchasing a high-performance, water-efficient product.

The WaterSense program is working to develop specifications for certification of irrigation controllers and showerheads. Public use faucets, toilets and urinals are also be considered for future standards.

In addition, the WaterSense program is in the process of developing a water-efficient new homes program, modeled after the Energy Star home program. The goal for a WaterSense home is to perform as well as the standard home while conserving water.