Environments for Living Certified Green is a proprietary green building program that applies the latest techniques in building science to create more energy- and water-efficient homes. Compared to the industry average home, an Environments for Living Certified Green home will:

  • be 20 percent more energy efficient*
  • reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent (due to energy savings)*
  • reduce internal water usage by 20 percent

Aligned with the EPA’s Energy Star® home program, buildings that achieve Environments for Living Certified Green status are also qualified for the Energy Star rating. The program includes a limited heating and cooling energy usage and comfort guarantee, as well.

* Reductions are based on the following baselines: The 2006 International Energy conservation Code (energy efficiency); 1997 EPA EGRID data (carbon emissions); and the American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AWWARF) Study “Residential End Uses of Water,” publication 90781, 1999 (internal water use).